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     Holly Quinn

    The Horicon Public Library is pleased to welcome local cozy mystery writer Holly Quinn for a visit on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30 PM.  What’s a cozy mystery? Cozy mysteries generally have an amateur female sleuth, much like Jessica Fletcher from Cabot Cove, with a murder inexplicably thrown into their path.  These “detectives” can’t resist using their skills and life experiences, with the help of quirky community members, to puzzle out the mystery.  Cozy mysteries also tend to be written in series format focusing on a particular local, occupation or hobby.

    Holly Quinn is both an avid reader and crafter. She sells her artistic creations locally and dreamed of one day opening a gift shop to sell local artist's handiwork. Instead, she began writing about it and thus her journey of the Handcrafted Mystery series was born. Holly has published two stand-alone fiction novels in another persona. She graduated from Carroll University in Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in business and a minor in marketing. This is her first Handcrafted Mystery.

    Copies of the first in the series, A Crafter Knits a Clue, are available to check out.  We don’t think it will be a mystery for very long what nearby community is about to face a string of murders solved by its newest sleuth Samantha “Sammy” Kane.

  1. Playaway Audiobooks
     Next to Die
    While shopping a couple of weeks ago, I discovered we’ve reached the tipping point in digital technologies forcing us to shift how we buy audiobooks.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to find them readily available in compact disc format.  Our usual vendors were already out of current popular titles, so they’re not ordering as many indicating the demand is dwindling.  Some books might be available in MP3, but many older CD players don’t recognize that format.  And the most telling of all news, in fine print under the title, “CD production canceled.”  What’s a librarian to do?  Not all our patrons have made the switch to downloading or streaming services, so we still need physical audiobooks to check out.

    Over the years we’ve held off buying digital players because of the cost, but now is the time to revisit that strategy.  Playaways are self-contained digital audiobooks about the size of a deck of cards.  Each unit can hold up to 60 hours of High Definition Audio and only uses a single AAA battery. It has a universal audio jack, and if you the owner of a newer car you know CD players are passé.  You can plug the Playaway directly into the car’s audio jack for playback. Or, plug in some earbuds, stash the player in a pocket and head out for a walk or the next chore on your honey-do list.

    We have 4 new releases ready to go, so place your hold today.  Search “playaway” in the Monarch Catalog, and you find over 1,300 titles in this convenient format among our partner libraries.  All we ask is you provide the earbuds and battery.  If needed, we can help you out with an audio jack cable you can use in your car. 

    Give them a whirl, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.  Happy listening.