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  1. Books Make the Best Gifts

    Reminiscing of Christmases past, a book, not even given to me, surprisingly stands out as a most influential gift. It was my younger brother’s, but he allowed me to read it to him and the little sister. Sitting on the living room floor, I played the children’s librarian just like the one from the beautiful old library down the street with a rapt audience of two as I read about a young boy’s sticky situations in Remy Charlip’s Fortunately, Unfortunately.

    Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Lewis always had a book for each of us under the tree specially chosen for each recipient.  Even though we knew it was a book, it was still better than the box of pajamas coming. Happily, the two paired well together as we explored new worlds in new jammies before bed.

    Books have always had a spot on my shopping list, no matter the age of the recipient. If you’re looking to increase family-time, try an audiobook adventure. Sharing the gift of stories, information, and ideas last a lifetime and are appreciated far beyond the immediate gratification of toys or cash.

    For my parents and both sets of grandparents, the greatest gift they received that long-ago Christmas was a ten-minute respite from the bickering.

  1. Fine-Free Children's Materials
    Girl Reading=


    Beginning January 1, 2020, Horicon Public Library will no longer charge overdue fines on juvenile materials, which includes books, music, STEM Kits, and DVDs.  This applies to any materials assigned to juvenile collections from our Monarch member libraries checked out at the Horicon Public Library as well. 

    The Horicon Public Library Board strongly supports children, their families, and caregivers in fostering a love of reading and learning.  Charging overdue fines on children’s materials is in direct conflict with that goal and discourages use of the library.

    As part of our implementation, we are also waiving all past overdue fines on juvenile materials checked out at the Horicon Public Library.  Charges for lost or damaged items still apply. 

    Understandably, some may be concerned the loss of revenue will hurt the library.  Fines collected on children’s materials account for less than 1% of our overall budget.  Most of our funding comes from city and county taxes, along with supplemental funds from donations and the support of our Friends of Horicon Library.  We are able to restructure our budget with no additional tax funds used to support this change.  You can still expect to receive the same great services and materials from the library.

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