Wastewater Department

The City of Horicon’s Wastewater Utility is a municipally owned and operated utility providing wastewater service to residents and businesses. Wastewater is collected from homes and business through a collection system of underground pipes and conveyed to a treatment facility. Waste is treated to standards set by federal and state regulations.

Over 90% of solid material, harmful chemicals, and harmful bacteria are removed in the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Daily monitoring and laboratory testing is performed to meet and surpass requirements by the DNR and EPA. 

There are 3 basic stages to cleaning wastewater at the Horicon Wastewater Treatment Facility: In the 1st stage, wastewater enters primary treatment where automatic screens and grates remove large objects, sand, gravel and other grit.

In step 2, secondary treatment, the wastewater enters large aerated tanks where oxygen and mixing provide an environment for natural bacteria to thrive and grow for the treatment process. The microscopic organisms, or “bugs” in the wastewater breakdown the organic material. Keeping organic material out of rivers and lakes is important because it can consume large amounts of oxygen that fish and plants need to live.

Finally, the water goes through disinfection. It’s here that chemicals kill disease-causing organisms. The chemicals are then removed before the water is discharged to the Rock River.

Mission Statement

The City of Horicon Wastewater Treatment Plant is dedicated to protect public safety and health, the environment and public water ways, by providing professional, timely and efficient treatment at the plant and in the collection system.